Zodiac Poems

I have written verses for each sign of the Zodiac except Scorpio. It is ironic that that 15 years later it was a Scorpio that has wronged me the most. I'm not sure if I'll ever complete the set! Not all Star Signs are on this page, they will be added as soon as I have more time.

If you are a crafter and would like to use these verses, please contact me to arrange terms first. If you can relate to a poem and would like to put one on your social networking profile you can do that but please put Copyright ©  Nicolette Gordon, 1997.

These poems have been widely sold in frames and are known to be my work and are subject to copyrighting. Breaches of this will be pursued.


Aquarius the water bearer is a laid back individual
To others their ways are often a puzzle
They're humane and thoughtful and like to take things slow
It's not common for them to have lots of things in the go
While others are flapping around, they do not hurry
The Aquarian is mellow, they don't like to worry
They're extravagant when it comes to the things they desire
But can scrimp when considering the things they require
Generally kind hearted even though they are 'cool'
The tend not to be possessive as a general rule
Their indifference can often lead others to query
As to whether their Aquarian is fond of them really
They place more importance on brains than on beauty
And the look in their eyes is often quite dreamy
Uranus bestows their creative invention
Though they're not always reliable, despite good intention

Pisces - To be added



Aries the ram, courageous and strong
You won’t find this one available for long
Intensely passionate, impetuous, yet gentle
Your ruling planet Mars can make you temperamental
Once your mind is made, it is not easily changed
Even if, once deliberated, it does seem quite strange
Independent, impatient and stubborn too
No-one will make your decisions for you
Stronger rams live life to the full, the weaker drift along
All are very private and deal with their problems alone
A dominant armour shields an ego that’s sensitive
But you’re also self assured and imaginative
A ruthless streak can be hidden within
Despite cheerful eyes and a disarming grin

Taurus - To be added


The sign of the twin
With a complex nature lying within
It is very easy to spark your fury
As you’re as volatile as your ruler Mercury
You have a tendency to embroider the truth
But are not usually seen to be rude or uncouth
Quick witted and highly skilled in debate
An argument with you will raise the heart rate
Wildly flirtatious and charming to match
You’ll definitely be a hard one to catch
Take me as you find me is your defence
And you’re blessed with a good deal of intelligence
Energetic, self confident, not usually possessive
Though often predisposed to be super-sensitive
It is innately within you to try to impress
Represented by the style in which you dress
Versatility is your middle name
You can turn your hand to any game

Cancer - To be added
Leo - To be added 


Virgo the virgin, what a serious thing,
Striving for perfection, invariably analysing.
Virgos are cautious people, they like to think things through,
Always taking a methodical approach in everything they do.
Constructive criticism is the name of their game
Don't strike up an argument, they'll put you to shame
Encyclopaedic knowledge is at the forefront of their brain
And being highly principled, they can often be a pain.
Conservative by nature, they tend to be quite sparing
In contrast, also generous which can make them endearing
Practical, dependable, hardworking and honest
And usually, not wrongly convinced, that its them who know best.
This is a very perceptive group, who pay great attention to detail
And once they put their mind to a goal, they do not usually fail.
Beneath a demure exterior is a sensual, passionate being
For in spite of all their common sense, they too desire loving.


24th September - 23rd October
Libra is symbolised by balancing scales
So they're always keen on weighing up details
Graceful and poised like their ruler Venus
They're receptive to flattery and can be flirtatious
Adept at diplomacy, tact and mediation
The Libran will generally do things in moderation
They are highly skilled at winning other people 'round
By letting them think they have the upper hand
Their appearance is important, they always take care
That their style is depicted by the clothes they wear
There's more to the gentle Libran than meets the eye
Opportunities for mischief will rarely pass them by
Well mannered and charming, courteous to the end
Their ability to compromise make them a good friend

Scorpio (sorry, not written)
Sagittarius - To be added


Capricorn the goat is definitely a hard-worker
Saturn, their ruler is a hard taskmaster
Self-disciplined, exacting, demanding and persistent
They're realistic, determined and quite self reliant
they don't tend to dream much, as they're very practical
as well as materialistic, they are also resourceful
Many are commanding and like taking control
A love of power supports them in a supervisory role
They can be quite hurtful, as they tend to speak their mind
which is often their way of being cruel to be kind
Deep thoughts lurk behind their shrewd looking eyes
So beware, as their smile would well be a guise
Sentimentality will not deter them from their ambitions
They allow no-one to get in the way of their aspirations
Often this type won't forgive and forget
And in all of their dealings they command respect.

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