My Mum

My mum, phenomenal woman
No ordinary person, not my mum

She’s a woman of utmost integrity
Sincerity and generosity

She’s not concerned with petty vanity
Doesn’t use profanity
And is not content with mediocracy

A woman of ambition, determination
Emancipation of our black nation

Strong natural black woman
Doesn’t take nonsense from anyone
No, not my mum

Her kindness is not weakness
For this empress is a lioness

Don’t come to her with dodgy dealings
Back handed schemings, or bad mind feelings

If your morals stray
She’ll have something powerful to say
She will not look the other way

Cos my mum is as straight as they come
In my book she is second to none

And I give so much thanks to God
That I was blessed to have
This wonderful woman As MY mum!

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