My Work

I am a Ward Visitor and visit patients in psychiatric hospitals once a week. I have been doing this for almost a year to date.

People with mental health problems are usually sensitive like myself and many have difficulty coping with all the stresses life brings. We need to create a society where people care about each other rather than themselves and one where what they do, rather than what they have or how they look is the most important thing. When people can be happy with themselves as they are that happiness spreads, just like a smile does.

In my work as a ward visitor, I use my own experience of having a breakdown and my positive outlook on life to motivate patients to want their own recovery. Negativity doesn't get anyone anywhere and I wish more people would realise that positive thoughts and actions brings more positiveness around you.

I have recently trained as a Racial Equality and Cultural Capability trainer to train/inform mental health professionals and other workers regarding the effects their treatment of patients in hospital have on them and ways to promote positive responses from an individual instead of just further upsetting them which is often the case in these hospital when you protest about your treatment.

Below is an excerpt of feedback from my trainer.

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