Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,
There’s so much more to me inside.
Sexy party clothes are my armour,
To ease the fears I have to hide.
They’re no reflection of my integrity,
They’re no reflection of my soul.
They’re no reflection of my character,
Or the things that make me whole.

There’s no end to my work for charity,
Or my constant need to give.
I contribute to my community,
To those who find it hard to live.
I believe that I am truly blessed,
And receive tenfold what I impart.
From the Lord who’s smiling down on me,
Taking care of my lonely heart.

There is no woman more loyal,
More caring, strong and true.
I’m a genuinely thoughtful person,
And extremely talented too!
This girl in the killer heel boots,
Trying to sweep you off your feet 
There’s no kinder, more helpful woman
You could ever hope to meet.

I know just how to treat a man,
How to make him feel like a king.
How to cater to his desires,
And make him want to sing.
I’m an independent woman,
I need nothing from you,
Except for love and affection,
And a man who’ll always be true.

So, you with the crazy afro,
You with sweetness in your eyes,
Can you take me on a journey
Soaring high above the skies?
Can you send my heart a flutter?
Can you form a bond with me?
One that will never be broken,
But one that will set me free.

In return I offer stability,
Good loving and lots of fun,
The chance to know a great lady,
Who would never do you wrong.

From the woman who’s actually
quite shy underneath it all.

Nicolette Gordon © February 2007

The Down Low Bro

The Down Low Bro
You don’t know, you don’t know
He’ll trick you with his lies
The screen is his disguise
To lure you in
Letting mind games begin
He’ll be the best you ever had
Might marry you and make you glad, then sad
No, you don’t know, you don’t know

The Down Low Bro
You don’t know you don’t know
Has a secret gay friend
Where he spends the weekend
He won’t want you to meet
But don’t accept defeat
He has no way to hide
The love for him inside
You don’t know, no, you don’t know

The Down Low Bro
You don’t know, you don’t know
You won’t find him on Facebook
Where he can be exposed
But he’ll love social networking
Where nobody knows
He can pretend to be a lady
So he can act shady
No, you don’t know, you don’t know

So if you think you know
You have a down low bro
Make sure you investigate
His pc and his secret gay ‘best mate’
Don’t throw it all away on a whim
Do everything to be sure of him
By watching who he checks out
You’ll soon have no more doubt
You can see with your heart
He never loved you from the start
Cos he’s a low down, down-low bro

And when you know, you have a down-low bro
Everything will become clear
He calls you and his best friend ‘dear’
He’ll only compliment you in jeans
Desire for you isn’t in his genes
The tone of his voice
Will show his true love’s choice
Doubt can be a killer
And you only want to be a winner
So if you have a down low bro
Make sure you know
So YOU know, So you KNOW, so YOU KNOW

© Nicolette Gordon May 2012

If you want more information on what to look for please contact me as I run a help blog for other women affected.


If I said that I loved you
Would you turn away
From this feeling I have
That I cannot explain
Save to say that I feel your pain

If I said that I loved you
Would you understand
That this love that flows through
From the pen in my hand
Is a love that was so unplanned

If I said that I loved you
Would you know what I mean
That I feel what I feel
Because you’re unseen
That this love is so pure and so clean

If I said that I loved you
For the things that we share
Would you understand
Would you remain here
Would you care?

© Nicolette Gordon May 2003

I love you most for loving me

The love I have for you is everlasting
Unconditional, incomparable.
I appreciate the love with which you shower me,
The undying respect you afford me.
Never putting me down,
When I need you, you’re around,
Offering your strong, masculine shoulder for my tears.
Your gentleness and your charm,
The twinkle in your eyes when you smile,
The cheekiness in your grin,
Sends shivers coursing through my skin.
I thank God that you are mine,
My days are full of sweet sunshine.
Just knowing that I am loved by you

© Nicolette Gordon 1997


When I close my eyes
you're standing there
when I look around
you're everywhere
when I go to sleep
you're in my mind
why is it said
that love is blind

Nicolette Gordon © 1987

I find my good nature, generosity and willingness to trust is abused time after time. People often take my kindness for weakness but my strength lies in my ability to see through the bullshit to the reality. What people say means nothing to me as I judge them based on what they do and responses to subtle tests I give them.

I have yet to find a love that is true. However, I will not let that change me. I just end the chapter and look forward appreciating what I've learned and not backwards. I refuse to become bitter as that will only hurt me and those around me. I laugh when my friends tell me love is him buying them expensive gifts and having money to look after them. I understand why they feel that way but my relationship with God and indeed my own character will not allow me to think that way. I will admit, sometimes I wish I could!!!

I believe my time to find my soul-mate to shower with the love I have to give will come because I believe it. In the meantime, I keep myself busy and am never lonely with so many interests. I am not willing to settle for anything less than I deserve, nor should you!!!

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