Motherhood can bring joy and or depression - REAL TALK. Children are hard work and parenting should not be entered into lightly which is why I have only two!

Here are a few of my poems on parenting.

Cry of a Single Mother

No one said it would be this hard
Or offered me an alternative card
To the fallacious route that which I chose
Eyes tinted by the ambiguous rose

No longer on the road to university
Oh hold I put my science degree…
A trade in for a screaming baby

It seems so long since I was last alone
Since I had some space to call my own
Six years, nine months, eleven arduous days
Sanity diminishing as my youth decays

Old friends I greet with envy
Through prematurely ageing eyes
They have no responsibilities
No persistent pressing ties

Incessant questions
Disrupted sleep
My life is not my own to keep
To the brink of weary patience
I am brought time after time
As she plunders through possessions
Wasting every dime

Love alone prevents me
Committing a heinous crime

Why is it no one told me
This is how my life would be
A wealth of shattered ambitions
Middle aged at twenty-three

Why is it no one told me
This is how my life would be
So many words were left unsung
Though they dangled the bait
You are too young

Nicolette Gordon © 1997

Dearest Daughter

You are more precious to me
Than any gem could ever be
There is no bond closer
Than that which joins you and I
When you fall I feel your pain
When you laugh, I feel your joy

You are an extension of me
Yet so you
When at times I admonish you
It is only because I care
And I'll always be here for you
When you are in need
As I know the perils that lie
In this bitter world
That you are so eager to race into

And I know that if there is one thing
I have done right in my life
It is you

I Love You

© Nicolette Gordon 2000

No mother is perfect, however, the damage that can be done to children and be irreparable. Choose their role models and other influences carefully as the child often imitates the parent.

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