General Verses


For no reward, needs must I sigh
sometimes I weep and want to die
do I choose to pay the rent
or buy no food to my lament

I scrimp and save so I may buy
a thing or two set spirits high
and when the money is all spent
I deliberate my fast descent

this is unfair, I can't deny
when those at work do pass me by
I too work hard my time well spent
for no reward to my lament

© Nicolette Gordon 2003

In Memory of Jermaine Bedward

On Wednesday 21st of May
Jermaine's young life was taken away
The Almighty decided he should not stay
Suffering on earth for one more day
It is not for you or I to say
That things should not have happened this way
We can only bow our hands and pray;
Sing in memorial and pay respects today
Bringing flowers in a beautiful array
We say farewell 'til we meet again some day.

You are dearly missed

The above poem was written for my cousin Jermaine Bedward's funeral service. He died at the young age of 24 from an epileptic fit.

© Nicolette Gordon May 1997

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